Specially created to help you accurately record information

Claims Made Easy is an app that has been specially created to help you quickly and accurately record information at the scene of an accident and pass this claim data directly to an email of your choice, for example your own or your transport manager.  It is a completely free download for drivers and so there is no cost to you or your business.

Download the app and add your company policy (your fleet manager will be able to advise your insurance brokers details and policy details) and some basic details about you.  If an accident/incident occurs, you will have the app on your mobile device ready to capture vital on-scene information and imagery about the accident.  This will help protect you as a driver and employee and ensure the most accurate account of the incident is recorded.

What does Claims Made Easy do for you?

  • It guides you through what to do in the aftermath of a motor accident
  • Fully capturing information helps to protect you as a driver and employee
  • Recording information at the scene is more powerful – people change their stories afterwards
  • Capturing the information in under 10mins can save you a lot of time in the future
  • Photographs can provide compelling evidence to back up your version of events
  • GPS Positioning will provide an accurate location of incident and helps to identify if there are specific locational features that should be investigated early

We’ve been using the Claims App for a few months now and it’s been great. The App is easy to use, very driver friendly, gives us instant information and helps us focus on getting on with business. Our claims reporting time is less than a day which is great for keeping claims costs down. Overall we think it’s a great tool for helping drivers, keeps everyone informed and is a big benefit when it comes to defending claims

- Andrea Gardner, Bullet Express

Submit a report within 3 - 10 minutes based on the amount of data captured

Submitted claims are sent directly to fleet managers and insurance brokers to start processing

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