Specially created to help your fleet drivers

Claims Made Easy is an app that has been specially created to help your fleet drivers quickly and accurately record information at the scene of an accident ad pass this claim data directly to you and your insurance broker.

Drivers will download the app and add the company policy (selecting your broker from the list of associated brokers) and driver details. If your insurance broker is not registered on the app and you would like to use the app please contact us.

When an accident/incident occurs, the driver will have the app on their mobile device ready to capture vital on-scene information and imagery that will then be sent directly to you and your Insurance Broker.  Users of the app are already seeing the time between accident and reporting being cut by over 90%. The information provided is more accurate and complete allowing your claims to be better defended and your assets better protected.

The full system is ready to go on Android and iPhone devices – talk to us to find out more. Insure Apps is a UK based company owned and operated by UK insurance industry professionals with years of expertise and knowledge of the requirements of the claims process.  Claims Made Easy has been built using this experience as a must have tool for fleet drivers.

What does Claims Made Easy do for you?

  • Whether you have 2 or 3 drivers or thousands of drivers, the App helps and guides them on what to do when they are in a motor accident
  • Fully capturing information helps to protect them as individuals and the reputation of your business
  • Recording information at the scene is more powerful and complete when it comes to defending your company
  • Helps prevent your business becoming a victim of fraud – eg how many passengers were in the third party vehicle can be a vital bit of info that people miss
  • More information from your drivers means you don’t need to chase around reporting and can focus on your business needs
  • Talking to your drivers about the App helps to raise awareness of risk
  • Using the App saves time and money – uninsured losses and future premiums are reduced

Submit a report within 3 - 10 minutes based on the amount of data captured

Submitted claims are sent directly to fleet managers and insurance brokers to start processing

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