Specially created for Brokers

Claims Made Easy is an app that has been specially created for Brokers that allows their business customers to send claim data directly to them.  Rather than developing your own costly app, for a low annual fee, your brokerage will be uploaded onto the app.  Your customers can then advise their fleet drivers to download the app to their smartphones and load their company motor policy onto it.

When an accident/incident occurs, the driver will have the app on their mobile device ready to capture vital on-scene information and imagery that will then be sent directly to your brokerage.  Users of the app are already seeing the time between accident and reporting being cut by over 90%. The information provided is more accurate and complete allowing you to better defend the claim.

You can log into your control panel to see the incident information instantly and download the information and imagery in formats ready to enter into your internal systems or pass directly to the insurers.

The full system is ready to go on Android and iPhone devices – talk to us to find out more. Insure Apps is a UK based company owned and operated by UK insurance industry professionals with years of expertise and knowledge of the Brokers role and requirements during the claims process.  Claims Made Easy has been built using this experience as a low-cost tool for Brokers.

If you are a broker and are interested in finding out more then we would love to talk to you.  Fill out our sign-up form and we will call to talk you through the process.

What does Claims Made Easy do for you?

  • Branded to your own brokerage
  • Helps to promote your business as proactive and innovative
  • Industry averages for motor claims reporting slashed by 90%+
  • Faster reporting delivers savings
  • The App increases the quality of information
  • Electronic reporting means efficiency savings – copying information rather than scanning
  • Helps your customers in a moment of crisis where you’ve provided guidance and a solution
  • Capturing more information means less chasing around for your staff

Check out our new Property & Liability policies that are available at no additional cost on either Claims Made Easy or on your own app.

Claims Made Easy is a fantastic addition to our insurance services. It effectively helps solve the problem of late and incomplete reporting of claims. In addition, the guys at Insure Apps are easy and efficient to work with and always willing to help with in queries you may have.

- Stewart Spence, Spence Insurance Services Limited

If an accident occurs, use the app to collect as much information as possible including GPS location data and images from the scene. This will be provided directly to your insurance broker to handle your claim.

Did You Know?

Claims Made Easy is available on Android and iPhone devices

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