The art of the possible

How is digitalisation reimagining the insurance industry, and what aspects of insurance still have scope to be further digitalised?

In 1990, I walked into a General Accident office in Glasgow to learn about insurance. Sitting in the corner was a sparkling IBM PC, with the rest of the office on some form of green screen technology. “Why is nobody using the PC?” I asked.

“It’s our expert Commercial Quotation System; we know we should use it, but we can all do quotes faster than it so we don’t!”

I think that this sort of anecdote sums up many of our experiences in insurance.. Read full article

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Get accurate and comprehensive information quickly (almost immediately) from your fleet clients when an incident occurs, saving your business time and money.

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Protect your assets and your drivers by allowing them to accurately capture full incident information in order that your claim can be handled.

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Quickly and efficiently record photographic evidence GPS location data and incident detail on your smartphone to record what has happened.

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