Delays in reporting motor claims cost the insurance industry millions of pounds per year.  Insure Apps has developed a solution that tackles this issue head on.  BIBA has launched a new facility for members using the ‘Claims Made Easy’ app. It helps brokers and their clients capitalise on smartphone technology when a claim occurs.

Check out our new Property & Liability policies that are available at no additional cost on either Claims Made Easy or on your own app.

Why you should subscribe to Claims Made Easy?

  • Guiding your clients in a potential moment of crisis
  • Substantially faster reporting of motor claims
  • Branded to your brokerage and logo
  • Ability to capture third party information easily
  • Ability to record police & witness information at the scene of the crash
  • Accurate GPS coordinates of the incident
  • Photographs to help evidence what has happened
  • Full back office giving significant breakdown of claims information for brokers
  • Accurate information gives insurers chance to handle claims more effectively
  • Faster reponses cuts out third party costs e.g Hire car costs

Exclusive benefits to BIBA members

10% Discount for a one-year deal or a 25% discount on a three-year subscription to the service.

Double the amount of initial downloads for BIBA brokers (1,000).  This means that a broker can implement the app with 1,000 drivers at the base level price.  This could be offered to one client or to 200 clients, it’s up to the broker.

The app has inbuilt flexibility so that it is easily transferable if the policy is moved to a different insurer.

Ready to sign up?

If you’re ready to sign up, or you’d like to discuss the system further please use the “Sign up” form below, one of the Insure Apps team will be in touch to discuss.


If an accident occurs, use the app to collect as much information as possible including GPS location data and images from the scene. This will be provided directly to your insurance broker to handle your claim.

Did You Know?

Claims Made Easy is available on Android and iPhone devices

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If you are an Insurance Broker and are interested in signing up to appear on the app please fill out the form below and our sales team will be in touch shortly. Signing-up will allow your customers to use the app to send you claim data if they have an accident.

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