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Claims Made Easy

iPhone and Android handsets

Managing Your Insurance Claims

Motor insurance claims often take too long and subsequently are more costly for the insured, broker and insurer than they need to be. Designed especially for brokers, Claims Made Easy, an "evolutionary" app (BIBA) that their motor insurance clients can use to accurately record and quickly submit claim data directly to the broker. Saving time and money as well as protecting drivers livelihoods and company reputations.

For Brokers

Get accurate and comprehensive information quickly (almost immediately) from your fleet clients when an incident occurs, saving your business time and money.

Protect Yourself

For Businesses

Protect your assets and your drivers by allowing them to accurately capture full incident information in order that your claim can be handled.

Accurate and Informative

For Drivers

Quickly and efficiently record photographic evidence GPS location data and incident detail on your smartphone to record what has happened.

Quickly And Easily

If an accident occurs, use the app to collect as much information as possible including GPS location data and images from the scene. This will be provided directly to your insurance broker to handle your claim.

Preloaded Details On The App

Did You Know?

Claims Made Easy is available on Android and iPhone devices

Sign Up

Submit a report within 3 - 10 minutes based on the amount of data captured

Efficient and Easy To Use

Submitted claims are sent directly to fleet managers and insurance brokers to start processing

Avoid Time Delays

Speeds up processes, reduces costs and ultimately will reduce your premiums

Saving Time and Money

The roll out of the app for a company to its drivers can raise risk awareness in itself and potentially reduce claims costs

Powerful Evidence
iPhone and Android handsets

Download The App

The app is now available in the Android and Apple stores. Brokers must contact InsureApps for their company to be added to the app. The app will be free to use for all drivers who will be able to select their insurance broker and add policies. If an accident occurs, the driver will be ready to accurately record the claim.